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Hell Yeah You Can Partner With Us!!!

It takes a village to grow companies. Nobody is an island unto themselves. Our partners benefit from our deep connections and vast industry expertise in a variety of different ways that can help grow their businesses or generate new revenue streams.

At Calltastic, we are all about creating Win-Win Partnerships.


What Type Of CallTastic Partner Are You?

Startup Partners

Our startup focused partners leverage their partnership with Calltastic to drive customer experience for their new ventures from early stage to growth, and beyond. Startup Partners include Incubators, Accelerators, Advisors, Growth Hackers, and Venture Capitalists. Find out more about how we can save your sanity.

Referral Partners

Our Referral Partner program is ideal for business service brokers, consultants, marketers, or any individual or agency providing business services that has a large network of clients that could benefit from Calltastic's services. This is a straightforward simple partnership opportunity that can create an additional revenue stream apart from the services referral partners provide.

Solutions Partner

The Solutions Partner Program is intended for client-driven businesses, outsourcers, answering services, or other business service providers that are looking to expand their service offerings (such as consulting, in language support), while still fully owning the relationship with their clients.


Why join our Partner Program

We're A Great Partner

We're A Great Partner

We know how to work with our Partners to ensure success for both of our companies. We are a team of dedicated individuals who are focused on creating opportunities.

We Know Our Business

We Know Our Business

We are the Specialists when it comes to Call Centres and Call Centre Management. From technology to hiring and staffing. our team here at CallTastic has this covered.

We Embrace Challenges

We Embrace Challenges

As well have seen over the last couple of years, the economy and the marketplace change in an instant. We can not forecast the Future, but we work with you to embrace the challenges ahead.


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Better Than Traditional Outsourcing

We Provide The Best Service For Your Business

We don't expect you to have all the answers. We don't even expect you to have all the questions. You're a startup, a growing venture. Not a Fortune 500. We get you. 

You Are Our Kind Of People!

We know you don't have the time or resources you need. We've made it our business to perfect customer support, providing you the resources you need, and freeing up your time so you can focus elsewhere.

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